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2018 Nomad Summit

2018 NOMAD SUMMIT Get ready for the 4th Annual Nomad Summit Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand! This will be their 4th year bringing together hundreds of digital nomads, location independent professionals, entrepreneurs and remote workers to the place it all started! They’ve brought you amazing speakers year after year, and this year will be even bigger and better! Reserve your eat, get your early bird tickets, and make plans to be in Chiang Mai for this not to be missed event! January is the perfect time to be in Chiang Mai as the weather is crisp and perfect, and...

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Japan Village

The Japanese Village is a newer location and at time of this post its been around for a bit over a year. It’s an enjoyable atmosphere with solid feelings of  ‘Date Night’ or ‘Party Night’. Menu has a nice selection of drinks and food that is all priced reasonably, especially for the setting and style of the place. At first glance when the food that was ordered arrived it had great plate presentation and looked as if it was cooked with care. Flavors were on point, no food that was under cooked or over cooked. Do not expect larger...

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Lemongrass Thai Cuisine

Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Being located around the Night Bazaar it is an easy place to find and get around to. Lemongrass is what some would call a “hole in the wall” restaurant, large open front and nothing but open space. Walls being covered in names, doodles, and locations from past travelers and locals (but mostly foreigners) . Service was enjoyable, the staff are friendly and give good vibes along with the good food. On the topic of food, most of the dishes ordered had good flavor and priced reasonably, although multiple chicken dishes came out a bit dryer than...

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Rock Me Burger And Bar

Rock Me Burger, the name says it all. The burgers rock, not much else to it. It’s a very upbeat place and has a very good selection of Rock / Alt Rock music playing non-stop. I’ve had the pleasure to try multiple burgers and sandwiches, Each of them do not disappoint when it comes to size and quality so the value is there. You have the option either to eat outside next to the grill and smell all the delicious food being cooked or inside with the music and air conditioner. So if you are looking for some killer...

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The Dash Teak House

The Dash Teak House Lets start with the main things about The Dash Teak House, the location, the atmosphere, the service, and the food. First off the location and atmosphere go hand in hand, its important to feel comfortable and this place does just that.  Each time I’ve visited The Dash Teak House they have had live music as well. Secondly, the food and service out do many of the other top rated restaurants with a similar attributes. Out of all the dishes that I have had, they were delicious and the plate presentation was spot on. It really makes...

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