Certificate of Residency

The “Certificate of Residency” is required for some transactions within Thailand. Such as applying for a driver’s license, buying a vehicle or condo or filling a Final Will with the Amphur office. A Certificate of Residency (C of R) is valid for 30 days. So most people apply at the time of need.

To obtain a free C of R. Go directly to the new Immigration office on the 2nd floor of Promenada Mall. Between 9:00 am and 11:00 am to obtain a queue number. Use the escalator by the downstairs Immigration office. The new office is across the escalator from The Duke’s Restaurant on the 2nd floor. There are 10 queue numbers distributed for C of R each day. You’ll be given an appointment for when there is a available opening, which could be up to 30 days. So don’t wait for the last minute to apply.

Bring the following with you:

1) copy of lease agreement or blue/yellow house book (tabien baan) or letter from landlord,

2) two 4 cm x 6 cm photos on blue background,

3)  copy current passport photo page, visa, extension and TM6 departure card from your passport (sign and date all copies),

4)  receipt of notification to Immigration of TM30 (signed by landlord),

5)  passport

You can complete the application for C of R at the office. Processing could be one day or up to 30 days and you’ll be given a date and time for pick-up of your free Certificate of Residency. An alternative is to apply for a C of R at your home country’s Consulate or Embassy, where there is usually a steep charge (presently 1500 baht), but the C of R is supplied immediately.

As of 24 June 2017, a 3rd party company has made arrangements for obtaining the C of R for you. Charging a fee of 500 baht for their next day service. Drop paperwork off and then pick up your C of R the next day. They are located next to the “Copy & Print” office. This is the service I use.