The Dash Teak House

Lets start with the main things about The Dash Teak House, the location, the atmosphere, the service, and the food. First off the location and atmosphere go hand in hand, its important to feel comfortable and this place does just that.  Each time I’ve visited The Dash Teak House they have had live music as well.

Secondly, the food and service out do many of the other top rated restaurants with a similar attributes. The Dash Teak HouseOut of all the dishes that I have had, they were delicious and the plate presentation was spot on. It really makes you feel like you are at a place that values the food they serve.

Finally their service, it’s great to walk in and see the staffs attitude and overall joy. I’ve sat in the back area outdoors (close to the kitchen) and it’s always a laugh to listen to the talk and banter from the staff.

The Dash Teak House

Moon Muang Rd Lane 1,

Tambon Phra Sing,

Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai,

Chang Wat, Chiang Mai 50200

053 279 230

Tuesday 10:30AM–10PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–10PM
Thursday 10:30AM–10PM
Friday 10:30AM–10PM
Saturday 10:30AM–10PM
Sunday 10:30AM–10PM
Monday 10:30AM–10PM