The two most popular Education Visa are the Education (95%) and Self Defense (5%).

Here is the information for obtaining a Self Defense (hand to hand combat) Education Visa:

Here is where you can obtain a “Self Defense” Education Visa in Chiang Mai.

Hand to Hand Combat

63/15 Ratuthit Road

Wat-ket, Mueang

Chiang Mai 50000



For a 12 month Visa they charge 33,000 baht. They will complete all of the paperwork for you.

Your lessons are on saturday & sunday 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

This VISA is offered in Chiang Mai only. This is actually a perfect VISA for Digital Nomads that want to stay longer in Thailand, then using a Tourist VISA. As the hours are very flexible, as the school will work with you. Plus since the Thai government is becoming more strict with Education VISA’s, they aren’t with the Self-Defense one. As when you go for your 90-day renewals, you don’t have to be tested or prove what you have learned. Whereas, with a language VISA you have to speak Thai at the time of renewal or they might not grant it. Also another good point about having this VISA, you can leave the country multi times during the year, because their hours are flexible. Whereas, with the language VISA, you are suppose to be in class, so they might not give you reentry back into Thailand.

For all of your “worry free” Visa needs we highly recommend a local service, called Hong Hub Long Stay. My family has been using for over 5 years. They will hand everything for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.

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