The Japanese Village is a newer location and at time of this post its been around for a bit over a year. It’s an enjoyable atmosphere with solid feelings of  ‘Date Night’ or ‘Party Night’.

Menu has a nice selection of drinks and food that is all priced reasonably, especially for the setting and style of the place. At first glance when the food that was ordered arrived it had great plate presentation and looked as if it was cooked with care. Flavors were on point, no food that was under cooked or over cooked. Do not expect larger proportions, everything was about 1/2 – 3/4 of your average size from other restaurants. But, the main thing you go for here is the atmosphere and drinks and it passes on doing just that. 

They have live music often, things from Jazz, House, Hip-Hop, Etc. So any ages that can enter would more than likely enjoy it.

Not only is a place for fun and food, but also shopping! On site it has a mini shopping outlet that has many products. 

Overall its a place I would go back to again to try new drinks and new meals!

Japan Village

Nimmanahaeminda Rd, Soi 15 

Chiang Mai



Tuesday thru Sunday

11:00 to 24:00

Monday closed