This market along Chang Klan Road, is next to the Le Meridian Hotel. It is open seven days a week, however the best two days to go is either Friday or Saturday night. Their hours are 6:00 pm to Midnight. I go to this one a lot, as there are so many places to eat at, with some really good food. More restaurant type, instead of street food. The two areas that I recommend is at both far ends of the market. As there’s an area just full of food venders. You can find some real good tasty food and be able to have a “drink” as well.

You can find some real good deals here. Plus it isn’t as busy as the Sunday Walking Street Market, where the crowds there are something else. So it is easier to get around without having to deal with too many people. You can definitely spend a few hours looking at everything and stopping to have something to eat.