Uber and Grab article. Very interesting article found on Bangkok Post. Uber and Grab is used a lot in Chiang Mai and all over Thailand. I have been asked by so many people, are they legal?

I came across this article by SOONRUTH BUNYAMANEE (DEPUTY EDITOR of Bangkok Post) 

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Here are some statements from the article:

One typical habit of Thai officials is that if they can’t solve an existing problem, they find a new one to solve. One such problem includes the contentious ride-sharing business. Disputes between local taxi drivers and the ride-hailing service Uber have intensified in recent years as Uber drivers eat into their business.  

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has branded the ride-hailing services unlawful. It has launched tougher operations to crack down on “illegal” Uber and Grab Car services. Officials even introduced sting operations by posing as passengers and calling ride-hailing drivers and catching them. 

As the department realises it can’t convince people not to use ride-hailing services, it has come up with a new idea to upgrade conventional taxis to enable them to compete with Uber and Grab Car. 

It’s good to know the Revenue Department has a plan to tax online-based businesses by striking a 15% withholding tax rate on online transactions. Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Grab Car are among… 


Go ahead and click on the link to read the entire article from the Bangkok Post. It’s very interesting.

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Here is a private taxi service that our family uses all of the time here in Chiang Mai.


However, now you know the facts the way they are now. I used Uber, when it first came out, but I have now changed over to Grab. Their pricing is 100% better then Uber. So if you have a choice, pick Grab. Here’s a small tip. Since they are not allowed to do what they are doing, it is unwise for you to let the people around you know you are waiting for a Grab taxi or are calling one. If someone from the Taxi Mafia or Tuk Tuk Mafia hears you, then when the Grab or Uber comes and picks you up, they will attack. You don’t want to get caught in the middle. So a word to the wise, don’t let the world know you are using one. I always say, I am waiting for a friend. Then there’s never an issue.